Pen the pages of your story.

Dear Author,

The Front Porch Collective is a media and public relations agency that helps authors make history through the pen strokes of their pages. We work with righteous dreamers who believe nothing is off the table – but need our help to get them a seat.

Call Me Maybe

Not sure where to begin your publishing journey? Rest easy—we can make it happen!

Our one-on-one time on the front porch will help you move past any stalling points and into action. No matter what questions arise, we’ll be there to answer them. Together, we’ll take your idea to bookstores nationwide.

Let’s Do Lunch

Ready to jump in with both feet but aren’t prepared to invest in an entire team yet?

Our DIY workshops are the solution you have been looking for. After one of our 2-3 day workshops, you will be armed with the tools, assets, and roadmap you need to take your book to the finish line.

Play The Long Game

Past the first steps and ready to unleash your book’s full, long-term potential?

Our top-notch team is here to arm you for success—all backed by our proven launch playbook that we’ve used to bring other bestselling authors’ work into the endzone.

Take the journey to writing and publishing success with Paige Dungan, founder of The Front Porch Collective! Learn to write your own story, find ways to get published, and make your book sell—and why public relations is your number one tool to claim your spot alongside renowned authors and industry leaders. Your future as an author starts here. Your future as an author starts here.

We save you a seat

Communication is essential for increasing visibility and creating demand for any book. That’s why we specialize in crafting media relations strategies to effectively spread your message far and wide. With over a decade of success in public relations, we have the know-how to transform your publishing vision into reality. With our expertise, your new title will fly off the shelves and straight into readers’ hearts.


BestSeller Campaigns

Ready to be a bestselling author? Our campaigns are the secret ingredient to making your book launch a success. With powerful strategies, targeted press coverage, and a sprinkle of our magical touch on top, we can give your book the extra boost it needs to soar up the bestseller lists.

Book Launch Events

After so many hours of creative labor, your book deserves the spotlight. To get you there, we’ll craft special events tailored to help others experience and become part of your unique story. From media junkets and influencer gatherings to launch parties, all of our events are custom-crafted for maximum celebration potential and buzzworthy news coverage.

Public Relations

You’ve put your heart and soul into this book; now, it’s time to get people talking. A well-crafted PR campaign is the key to unlocking your book’s potential. Our team’s innovative approach allows you access to all available avenues of publicity—from podcasts and television appearances to print media and online influencers—all to drive sales and ensure maximum impact on launch day.

Book Signing Tours

Writing a book is an incredible achievement, but it’s also an exciting chance to connect with your readers and discover your audience. It’s why our team helps authors plan their own book signing tours. After all, meaningful face-to-face conversation with readers is one of the most powerful marketing strategies there is.

Book Launch Consulting

A successful book launch isn’t just about having a creative concept or an effective marketing strategy; it’s all in the execution. That’s why authors and publishers turn to us. We can tell if your plan is destined for success or headed off course, and we can help you get you back on track. With our help, you can avoid missteps that could delay your book launch or dampen its impact.

Media Relations

Since every story is unique, we craft powerful, custom media relations strategies for all our books so each one stands out to the right audience. With thoughtful press releases, promotional materials, and tailored media kits, we can help you tell your remarkable story.


To keep our finger on the pulse of all things viral, we’ve established strong relationships with top book and media influencers across the globe. Together, we can use those relationships to drive awareness, sales, and credibility for your new release—all to create online marketing plans that get readers excited about your book. With our help, viral marketing can be easy (and even fun)! – for others to get excited about sharing information regarding your work.

Brand Partnerships

Let us help you get your book into the hands of a larger audience. By leveraging powerful speaking and brand partnerships, we can craft custom strategies that lead to increased sales.

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